London Escorts – Creating Jewellery with a Difference

People dreaming of becoming a big name in the world of jewellery will know that it is a difficult task. With so many jewellery designers already on the market, it is very difficult to carve out a niche. As with other types of business, finding a niche is essential if you are to be a success. With so many competitors in the jewellery industry it is hard to find a niche. Several elite  24/7 London escorts, however, have come up with an idea that nobody else has tried yet.

A Creative Talent

Sandra, who has been an escort with PalaceVIP for 7 years, has turned to 3D printing for her jewellery creations. “Other designers in the past have already tried out most of the alternative materials”, she said. “Others that had not been used were just too impractical”, she added. “I was watching a program me on 3D printing one day though and the idea came to me”. “Why don’t I use 3D printing to create my jewellery?”.

A Flexible Medium

“One of the great things about 3D printing is that you can do so much with it”, said Sandra. “It is capable of extremely complex designs that would be very difficult otherwise”. “Some people wonder how I can carve or mould such patterns but, of course, I don’t”, she added. “I put the design into the computer and the printer does the rest for me”. “I can also print using different materials and it’s surprising what effects and textures can be achieved”, she added. “From wood, to stone and even gold, it can do it all”, she finished.

Strong Early Demand

Sandra’s creations So far have been very popular among her friends and family. “My escort friends can be seen wearing my jewellery”, said Sandra. “They are always asking me when I will be making more”, she added. “So far I have had to rent a 3D printing machine but I am saving the money from jewellery sales so I can buy one myself”. “Once I have my own machine then I will be able to increase production”, she added. “The demand is there so why not?”. “I might even consider opening my own boutique store is sales are strong enough”, she finished.

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